2018-2019 Season Auditions

Callbacks Underway.... Stay Tuned for Cast List and Company Member Announcements!!! 


Dates: June 18th - 19th
Time: 5PM - 9PM
Location: The Cellar Theater @ The Public
800 W Asby Pl, SA TX 78212June 18 & 19

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AUDITION REQUIREMENTS: *All Auditioners must come prepared with a 1 minute contemporary monologue. Actors who would like to be considered for a role in Cenicienta, must come prepared to sing 32 measure of any mariachi song of their choosing. Can be sung a capella or with recorded accompaniment or karaoke track on your phone.

Headshots and resumes are preferred , but not required.*

We will be casting for the following shows:

CASA DE MUNECA by Liz Coronado Castillo
The awakening of a middle class wife, mother, and mujer as she becomes more than the muñeca on her husband's arm. Casa de Muñeca, is a contemporary Latinx take on Ibsen's "A Doll's House."

Casting for the following roles:
NORA- A young housewife.
TOMAS- Nora's husband, mid to late twenties.
Dr. CHAVEZ- Family friend. In his late forties.
KRIS- Mid to late twenties. Tomas' employee.
ANDRES- Nora and Tomas' son. (12-16 yo)
JOAQUIN- Nora and Tomas' son. (8 - 11 yo)
CHRISTINA- Nora's long time friend. Mid to late twenties.

-OPEN DOORS: Coming Out Story Slam
An evening of performers sharing their personal stories of "coming out". Honesty, laughter and tears are welcome. Performance style will be similar to the popular MOTH Storytelling events.

-CENICIENTA by Pamela Redman and Federico Chavez-Blanco
A QUINCEANERA with a taste of Cinderella.
--Roles Available--
CENICIENTA- Orphaned teenage girl living with her stepmother and twin stepsisters.
CONSUELO- Stepmother
MONICA- Teenage Twin Stepsister
VERONICA- Teenage Twin Stepsister
Tia JOSEPHINA- Aunt to Ceni by marriage to Tio Antonio
Tio ANTONIO- Uncle to Ceni; Roberto's brother
ROBERTO- The ghost of Ceni's father
CARLOS - Ceni's to be teenage boyfriend
PEPE - Stepsister's teenage escort
PACO - Stepsister's teenage escort
SENOR CANTU - Choreographer for Quiceanera
EMCEE - Announcer for Quinceanera

-JUST LIKE US by Karen Zacarias
Based on Helen Thorpe’s bestselling book, this documentary-style play follows four Latina teenage girls in Denver—two of whom are documented and two who are not—through young adulthood. Their close-knit friendships begin to unravel when immigration status dictates the girls’ opportunities, or lack thereof. When a political firestorm arises, each girl’s future becomes increasingly complicated. Just Like Us poses difficult, yet essential questions about what makes us American.
--Roles available--
HELEN THORPE: 40s. The REPORTER: Irish American-Quaker, very smart,
confident, unfussy, woman with a penchant for interesting eye glasses. Highly educated, career woman married to the Mayor of Denver. Mother of one small child. Much more comfortable as a thoughtful observer than as the center of attention.
MARISELA: 18-22. Fully bilingual and bicultural Mexican. Colorful! Does not have legal status to be in the country. Emotional, sassy, intelligent, energetic. Also Plays (RAUL GOMEZ GARCIA)
YADIRA: 18-22 . Fully bilingual- bicultural Mexican. Does not have legal papers to be in the country. Beautiful, reserved, smart young woman who craves stability and security. Marisela’s best friend, yet polar opposite in manner and look.
CLARA: 18-22. Bilingual- bi-cultural Mexican. In the US legally. Innocent, religious, earnest girl. Discreet clothes, no make-up, wears a cross every day. The peacemaker and dreamer.
ELISSA: 18-22. Bilingual and bi-cultural . In the US legally. The go-getter, team captain of the group. Good student. Hard worker. Also plays ZULEMA, Yadira’s younger sister.
FABIÁN: 30- 40s. Marisela’s hard working, sometimes grouchy father. Spanish and non-English speaking father. In the US without legal status. Also plays TOM TANCREDO. Also plays: RECRUITER (Tom Johnson), CEZAR MESQUITA, CARLOS (ALMA’s husband), FEDERICO PEÑA, COP , ensemble
JOSEFA: Late 30s, early 40s. Marisela’s Mexican mother. Spanish-, non-English-speaking. PLAYS MRS SMITH, CAROL VIZZI –maybe LISA MARTINEZ.
YOLANDA: early 30’s Brassy Bilingual hairdresser. ALSO PLAYS ANA, CYNTHIA POUNDSTONE, LUCY, BUSINESS WOMAN, maybe Lisa Martinez.
JULIO: 20s, Latino. Plays RAMIRO, MIKE McGARRY, ensemble.

-#YOTAMBIEN: A #MeToo Story Slam
An evening of performers sharing their personal stories and“#MeToo” experiences. Honesty, laughter and tears are welcome. Performance style will be similar to the popular MOTH Storytelling events.

Set in a tiny sewing factory in East Los Angeles in September 1987, Ana and the women converse about gender, politics, and the Latina immigrant experience. The issues of self-esteem and the confidence needed to challenge who you are while embarking on a new path are all explored in this compelling and heartwarming play about building your own dreams.
--Roles Available--
ANA: the young feminist and recent high school graduate. She is politically active and concerned; she is waiting on her financial aid to come through so she can attend college.
ESTELA: the owner of the Garcia Sewing Factory, behind on her payments, kind but hardworking. Described in the play's intro as "plain-looking" and "plump". She is afraid to apply for amnesty because she owes money on some sewing machines, and thus spends most of the play's action being nervous, afraid and driven to complete her large order. She has a huge crush on a man the group jokingly calls "El Tormento"; he takes her for a date and behaves inappropriately, making sexual advances that a smarter woman would have seen coming.
CARMEN: the oldest of the women, mother of Ana and Estela, described as "short" and "large". She is a conventional example of a Latina mother; has a talent for storytelling and a tendency to use a harsh, blunt tone. She speaks her mind on all issues.
PANCHA: Smart, sassy, described as a "huge woman". She is very comfortable with herself despite the fact that she cannot have children, something her social conditioning has raised her to expect from life. Her character is, like Carmen, rather conventional, believing that Ana's education will be a turn-off for her future husband.
ROSALI: often acts as the mediator of fights within the group, a little thinner than the others probably because she is constantly dieting. She is described as "sweet and easygoing" by the playwright.