Our Vision and Mission

Mission Statement
Teatro Audaz is dedicated to exploring the varied experiences and cultures of Latinx people, through producing, and showcasing the creative talents of Latinx, and Tejano artists. Making teatro that is accessible to all audiences, with emphasis on those underserved by the arts.


Strategic Vision
Teatro Audaz will be the premier Latinx/Tejano theatre and among the top recognized theatres in San Antonio. Teatro Audaz will be known for artistic excellence, for the representation of people of color, LGBTQ, and women artists.


Artistic Vision
Present diverse, monolingual (English or Spanish), bilingual (English and Spanish) theatre to San Antonio. To push for the highest quality in production and performance values, including but not limited to: playwriting, directing, designing, and acting. To foster relationship with professional artistic collaborators in San Antonio and the American Theatre.


Programming Vision
To Bring Latinx/Tejano plays to the attention of the Latinx/Tejano community in San Antonio, and to make the English-speaking public aware of the richness and variety of Latinx/Tejano theatre. In order to facilitate this vision, each season is to include productions that connect with the TASA strategic vision.