2017-2018 Season Auditions

Teatro Audaz San Antonio 2017-18 Season General Auditions.  Sign up today for your audition slot!  

Teatro Audaz San Antonio 2017-18 Season General Auditions

    Date: Saturday, June 10th, 2017

    Time: 12pm – 5pm

    Place: The Playhouse - 800 W Ashby Pl, San Antonio TX 78212

    We are pleased to announce the 2017-18 General Auditions for all of the shows in our upcoming season.

    At the time of your audition, inform us which shows and roles you're interested in. The performance dates can be found on on our website.

    All actors must arrive with one copy of your resume and headshot.

    Come prepared with 2 (1 minute) contrasting contemporary monologues.

    Be prepared to discuss your conflicts at the time of your audition. 

    A Few Important Details ....

    • Auditions will be held at The Playhouse San Antonio.
    • Click the "Sign Up" link above to select your audition time.
    • Generally, show rehearsals will be evenings: Sun–Thurs, 6–10pm. 
    • Some of our productions are staged readings, and will not require as much rehearsal time as our full productions but will still require a commitment of at least 5 rehearsals.
    • Out-of-market performers can submit video submissions to ltgarza87@gmail.com
    • Roles available and character descriptions can be found below.

    Email questions to ltgarza87@gmail.com

    You will receive a confirmation email from auditionhelpers.com (be sure and check your spam folder. 

    You will be able to cancel the audition if needed by following the link you receive by following a link you will receive in the confirmation email.

    Thank you,

    Laura T. Garza

    Executive Artistic Director

    Questions: ltgarza87@gmail.com


    2017-2018 Show Synopses & Cast of Characters

    Dos Chicanos Un Camino by Gabriel Luera (Full Production on July 22 and July 29 @ Bang Bang Bar) Directed By: Paula Rodriguez

    Join us for a sketch comedy show that follows two Chicanos dealing with the intricacy of life in a city with a Chicano population of close to 80%, while still having to deal with racism and predjudice - even within their own neighborhood.


    GEORGE - 20’s - late 30’s. Real name is Jorge. Lived in “the hood” with Sabrina and Regino as a child, but grew up mainly in the Northwest side of San Antonio.

    SABRINA - 20’s - late 30’s. Younger sister to Regino. Went to Community College but never finished. Reads a lot. Pretty and is a homegirl at heart.

    REGINO - 20’s - late 30’s. Envious that Jorge got out. Older brother to Sabrina. Got his G.E.D. and never went to college.


    Chimichangas and Zoloft by Fernanda Coppel (Staged Reading on September 8 2017 @ The Cellar) Directed By: Holly Nañes

    Suffering from a profound sense of disappointment after her 40th birthday, Sonia flees her family and goes on a binge of prescription Zoloft and greasy chimichangas. Sonia’s rebellious daughter Jackie and her best friend Penelope hatch a plan to lure Sonia back home, while their fathers struggle with a secret association of their own. This irreverent story examines the search for happiness and the mysteries of sexuality through the eyes of two brazen teenagers.


    PENELOPE LOPEZ – 16 years old, Mexican American, sassy, loves attention.

    JACKIE MARTINEZ – 15 years old, Mexican American, tomboy, wise beyond her years.

    ALEJANDRO LOPEZ – 38 years old, Mexican, very handsome, metrosexual, bartender.

    RICARDO MARTINEZ – 45 years old, a very successful lawyer, a quiet man, keeps his emotions to himself.

    SONIA MARTINEZ – 40 years old, Mexican American, tired, doesn’t understand her own pain.

    Casa de Muñeca by Liz Coronado Castillo (Staged Reading on September 9 2017 @ The Cellar) Directed By: Laura T. Garza

    The awakening of a middle class wife, mother, and mujer as she becomes more than the muñeca on her husband's arm.  Casa de Muñeca, is a contemporary Latinx take on Ibsen's "A Doll's House."


    NORA. A homemaker in her late twenties to mid-thirties.

    TOMAS. Nora’s husband. Late twenties to mid-thirties.

    DR. CHAVEZ. Family Friend. In his late fifties.

    KRIS. Late twenties to mid-thirties.

    ANDRES. Nora and Tomas’ son. 9

    JOAQUIN. Nora and Tomas’ son. 7

    CHRISTINA. Nora’s friend.


    EL by Raul Garza (Staged Reading on September 10 2017 @ The Cellar)                                        Directed By: Miranda Gonzaba Torres

    EL follows an aspiring writer torn between fulfilling her desire for success, and honoring her family’s deepest secrets. In the process of telling her truth, she sheds light on the past her family has tried to forget, and risks losing their trust. However, in this struggle, they discover new perspectives about what really happened.


    EMI: 20’s. Passionate people-pleaser. Romantic, obedient, impulsive. Latina. Bilingual.

    GUS: Late 20’s. Emi’s brother. Hard working, sensitive, frustrated. Latino. Bilingual.

    CLARA: 40’s-50s. Emi and Gus’s Mexican-born mother. Religious, protective, hard-working head-of-the-family. Latina. Native Spanish-speaker, fluent English- speaker.

    WEBSTER: 30’s. Culturally literate social scientist. Socially awkward yet charming. Anglo.

    MIRKA: Middle-aged or Senior. Feisty, upbeat cleaning woman. Eastern European. Speaks very limited English with pronounced accent.

    CABEZA: Philosophizing cow’s head. Humorous and sincere. Speaks English with a thick Vato accent.

    PHYLLIS: Literary agent. Polished and corporate.

    PENNINGTON: Literary agent. Polished and corporate.

    NOTE: Mirka and Phyllis roles played by same actress. Webster and Pennington roles played by same actor.

    La Pastorela  (Full Production on Dec 8 , 9 , and 10 2017 @ San Antonio Mennonite Church)      Directed By: Paula Rodriguez

    La Pastorela is a centuries old Mexican tradition of recreating the biblical passage where the shepherds follow the Star of Bethlehem to find the newborn Christ. The Archangel, San Miguel, and the devil, Luzbel, make a wager on the unmanageable shepherds and the fun begins. This modern twist on the comedic bilingual (English and Spanish) play celebrates the season with themes of hope, joy and peace.

    “The message is for all. Everyone is deserving of grace, peace, joy and hope.” -San Miguel



    TEBANO, Male, 40's

    HERMANITO, Male, 30's

    BARTOLO, Male, 40's

    PETRA, Female, 30's


    VATO, Male, 20’s

    SAN MIGUEL, Male, 50’s

    GILA, Female, Teens

    ANGELITA, Female, 20's

    ARTURO, Male, Teens

    CUCHARITA, Female, 30's


    LUZBEL, Female, 40's

    Any Gender, Any Age

    PECADO, Male, Teens

    ASTUCIA, Female, Teens


    Anon(ymous) By Naomi lizuka (Staged Reading on January 14 , 2018 @ The Cellar)

    Separated from his mother, a young refugee called Anon journeys through the United States, encountering a wide variety of people. Some of them are kind. Some are dangerous and cruel as he searches for his family. From a sinister one-eyed butcher to beguiling barflies to a sweatshop. Anon must navigate through a chaotic, ever-changing landscape in this entrancing adaptation of Homer's Odyssey.


    ANON (M): The young hero of the story, Anon is young refugee, naïve and innocent, trying to find his mother somewhere in America

    NAJA (F): A hip Goddess who likes to surf; Anon has a crush on her, as mortals tend to, she flirts with and kisses Anon

    NEMASANI (F): Anon’s mother, separated from her son during a ship storm and now works in a sewing factory somewhere in America; Sings an Ancient Song

    MR. MACKUS (M): Manager of the sewing factory, he wants to marry Nemasani despite the fact that he’s already married and she lacks interest

    SENATOR LAIUS (M): Self-important senator inspecting the sewing factory (also plays Nice American Father and Ignacio)

    MRS. LAIUS (F): Wife of Senator Laius, an art collector who does yoga (also plays Nice American Mother)

    SEWING LADY #1 (F): A gossip (also plays Serza)

    CALISTA (F): Her dad owns a luxury, gated community, she listens to music and stuffs her face full of candy, she likes to get her way (also plays Nice American Daughter)

    SEWING LADY #2 (F): A tattle-tail (also plays Zyclo’s Pet Bird)

    NASREEN (F): Daughter of Ali and Ritu, she works in an Indian Restaurant called Curry; she has a little bit of attitude

    ALI (M): Father to Nasreen, he owns Curry, an Indian Restaurant; he is Blind; he has a lighthearted and playful sense of humor about him, likes to laugh at himself

    RITU (F): Mother to Nasreen, she is the Cook at Curry, an Indian Restaurant; she runs the place and knows it; she has a deadpan sense of humor about her

    PASCAL (M): A West African with traditional scars on his face; a warrior, street smart and savvy; fights/wrestles with Anon

    Aye, No By Liz Coronado Castillo (Full Production on Weekends: Aug 10 – 26 , 2018)                  Directed By: Laura T. Garza

    In a small border town, young Alicia comes home from college with a “friend” for her family to meet. The trouble begins when her loving grandma and well-intentioned yet nosey aunts assume that Alicia is bringing home a boyfriend or fiancé. Alicia, wanting her family’s acceptance and fearing ancient Mexican magic, turns to her three fairy-drag-queen friends for guidance.

    *This production is in collaboration with The Playhouse.  Actors will receive compensation, negotiated at time of offer. 


    ALICIA: A college student. 18

    KIKA: Alicia’s grandmother.

    MAGUE: Kika’s sister-in-law.

    MARIA: Kika’s sister.

    JOE: A college student in his early twenties.

    CATHY: A college student. 20

    ZEREDA: A Mexican drag queen.

    STARKISHA: A White drag queen

    STARLINDA: A Mexican drag queen