Part of the 2nd Annual
Nuestra Voces” - Staged Readings in celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month!

EL by Raul Garza
Directed by Miranda Gonzaba Torres

Sunday, Sep 10th @ 2: 30
The Cellar|Playhouse
800 W Ashby Place
SATX 78212

EL follows an aspiring writer torn between fulfilling her desire for success and honoring her family’s deepest secrets. In the process of telling her truth, she sheds light on the past her family has tried to forget and risks losing their trust. However, in this struggle, they discover new perspectives about what really happened.

*This play is bilingual - 75% English - 25% Spanish

This show will have an ASL Interpreter


EMI - Vanessa Rae Garcia

Gus - Ray D. Seams

Clara - Rita Ruggan

WE/PE - James Robinson

MIR/PHY - Shelley Buchaus

CAB - Alejandro Pesina